Don't Miss Out on your own beekeeping experience!  Tours will start in late April and last all summer.  Make your reservations now - Contact Us!  View Beekeeping Tours for more information.
FREE Honey Bee Swarm removal for the Leavenworth / Atchison area.  Call 913-773-0157 or 913-683-3647.
Need some local honey and healing skin care? Shop now!
Need Bees or Equipment?  We get our bees from Wilbanks Apiary and our Equipment from SAVE (thesavefarm.org).  Contact us if you need packaged bees or equipment.
That's Grandpa Kelsey.  He started it all for us.  He knew alot about bees and if you got questions about bees, you need a mentor and club. Check out Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association (NEKBA.ORG) for Kansas and Midwestern Beekeepers Assocation (midwesternbeekeepers.org) for Missouri.
Hillside Honey is a family and veteran owned bee farm located in Kansas.  We offer not only local raw unfiltered honey but infused and creamed honey as well.  We small batch and hand make all of our lotion bars, lip balms, hand creams, salves, deodorants and other skin care products using beeswax from our own beehives.   Our bees forage on wildflowers on pastures and lands along the Missouri River from Leavenworth, Kansas to Atchison, Kansas.