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Hillside Honey is a veteran family owned bee farm located in Kansas.

We offer local raw unfiltered honey, infused and creamed honey, and a whole host of natural care products.

We small batch and hand make all of our skin care products using beeswax from our own beehives.

Our bees forage on wildflowers on pastures and lands along the Missouri River from Leavenworth, Kansas to Atchison, Kansas.

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"...Sweet to the Soul, Health to the Bones."


Pure, natural products made with integrity with your family, as well as our family, in mind. 

We strive to make products of integrity.  That's why many of our products were originally inspired by a need we saw in our own household.

Natural, preservative-free products with intentional crafting to help restore health and well-being. 

"Sweet to the soul, health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24

Beekeeping Tours!

Educating the next generation with hands-on, memory-making experiences!

Get an up close and personal look at the farm life of  a beekeeper and the hard work of the honeybee.


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Old School Charm

We are located in a revived old rural High school with plenty of old school charm! 

Come see for yourself!  Opens every year from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend,

Wednesdays -Saturday 10am-2pm (extended hours Thursdays 10-6pm)

For nearly two decades, this veteran owned Kansas bee farm has been an established part of the community.

Our Apiary is home to a large, established bee yard. 

Many of our beeyards are located at surrounding Orchards, Produce farms

to provide much needed pollination to the blooms and blossoms.

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Bee Swarm Referral

Bee Swarm Referral

We have had a few changes and will not be able to retrieve Swarms for 2023 as a few of our Beekeepin' helpers are currently working full-time or away for the summer.

However, we DO know a LOT of fellow beekeepers and are happy to give you their contact information to you.

Here's some details to help you determine if it is a true Honeybee swarm!

A bee swarm is a temporary cluster of bees clinging to a tree, fence post, fire hydrant or the like that appears suddenly and will often leave within 12-48 hours.

If you need a permanent beehive removed from your structure, please call or email us and we can point you in the right direction for Bee Removal beekeepers who are fully equipped and experienced in proper beehive removal.

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Beekeeping Mentors & Clubs

Beekeeping Mentors & Clubs

This fella is Grandpa! He started the passion for bees many years ago.

It was mentors like him that got us started and passionate about honeybees.

If you need a mentor, check out:

Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association (http://www.NEKBA.ORG) for Kansas and

Midwestern Beekeepers Assocation (http://www.midwesternbeekeepers.org/) for Missouri.

Kansas Club Missouri Club

We're at two Markets for 2023!!

We're at two Markets for 2023!!

The Leavenworth Farmers market is finished for the season, but we make weekly deliveries every Tuesday afternoon to Haymarket Square. Email us to be added to our weekly delivery newsletter!

Leavenworth Farmers market meets in downtown Leavenworth at HayMarket Square from May through October

Wednesdays 8am-12noon and Saturdays 7am-12noon

We will be at the winter Atchison Farmers market occasionally as a drop-in with our Added-value Farm products

The winter market is held at the YMCA Community room in Atchison, Kansas.

Check out our Facebook or Instagram for more info.